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IT Skill Builder

Connecting Your Talent and Leadership Development Strategies

How is self-awareness intertwined with effective leadership?

Acknowledging one’s strengths and weaknesses greatly impacts leadership style and how to influence a team. The first step in being an effective leader is to learn and understand yourself.

IT Skill Builder offers a comprehensive self-assessment of 15 core competencies that have been researched in part with Babson College. These core competencies center on the “human factor” or “soft skills” (which we call Core Skills) that differentiate high-performing technology organizations from organizations lower on the Maturity Curve.

Internal mobility equates to retention and development, which equates to growth within your career and growth in a high-performing organization.

You’ll begin The Technology Leadership Experience by taking the Skill Builder self-assessment. This will help you identify key strengths and opportunities, which will be provided to you in a skill-gap report.

With more than 5,000 microlearning resources at your fingertips within the Skill Builder platform, you’ll be able to build your career journey, close skill gaps, and develop new skills and interests. 

How growing leaders thrive

We’ve all faced challenges, overcome obstacles, or wanted to evolve into a new role. Growing leaders thrive when they gain real-world knowledge from experienced leaders or learn from someone in their desired career path.

1:1 Mentoring is another integral component of The Technology Leadership Experience that allows you to receive candid feedback on you development and learn first-hand from the leaders who’ve helped shape the industry.

Together, IT Skill Builder and The Technology Leadership Experience will help you be intentional with your learning and career journey while strengthening your organization’s overall talent pipeline—developing successful leaders for today and well into the future.

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