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TechLX Graduates on the TechLX...

HIGHLY suggest this program for anyone who is emerging into leadership or even those with experience. I somewhat expected platitudes, but this presented real world insight that is TRULY helpful.

This leadership course is a great introduction for IT leadership to embrace change, innovation, and empathy!

Great way to look at what you are doing well as a leader and what you can do to improve.

Highly beneficial and relevant content. Much needed across IT.

A good opportunity to take a step back and reassess management style and opportunities to strengthen my leadership skills and the skills of my team.

It was like everything I had learned about, and forgotten over a lifetime, all brought back to me in one day. Really amazing.

Large and informative. Strengthens aspects you should already know, while also focusing on things we may know but often forget when actually living in our jobs.

Learned a little bit more about myself and what it means to be a leader instead of a manager

Enlightened and inspired to put what I learned into practice

Honest talk and advice that’s practical.

Thought-provoking; brought me out of my comfort zone

​The format of the course and materials are valuable not only during the course but as reference materials

I appreciated the breakout sessions and role-playing the most. It helped make things practical and focused and helped with participation.

Extremely valuable. I’m ready to put into action many of the concepts we discussed.

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