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  • Equip your high-potential and emerging technology leaders with the mindset and skillset to show up as influential, strategic partners
  • Build the leadership skills critical for success in the digital age
  • Improve internal mobility and talent retention by growing your people and providing them pathways for future roles
  • Develop the innovative anticipators and strategic partners you need to compete, differentiate, and thrive amid continual disruption

Building Future-Ready Tech Leaders

A transformational leadership journey

Presented by Ouellette & AssociatesThe Technology Leadership Experience (The TechLXprovides an in-depth learning journey for a cohort of mid-level technology leaders who learn, engage, and grow together through a combination of classroom workshops, peer networking, problem-solving, and mentoring. 



program outcomes & benefits

Why Choose The TechLX for Your IT Leadership Development

Drawing from our experience working with 3500+ IT organizations over the past 35 years, we partnered with a group of trailblazing CIOs to build The TechLX.

Developed for IT leaders by IT leaders, The TechLX uniquely addresses the critical challenges facing today’s IT professionals.

1:1 Mentoring with the Who’s Who of Tech – CIOs from the world’s most respected and successful organizations provide real-world advice, accountability, and encouragement

Learn + Practice + Apply = Succeed – Modularized learning, delivered over time, embeds new mindsets and builds essential skills

Broaden Horizons – Grow personal networks by engaging with peers and mentors from various companies and industries

Accessible and Personal – Supported by the latest in learning technology, participants can engage from any location, in a tight-knit cohort capped at 25 participants

Powerful and Ongoing ROI — A multi-faceted learning journey that delivers immediate and long-term value for your leaders and your organization as a whole


As a result of attending this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and build proficiency in critical growth areas, based on IT Skill Builder self-assessment data
  • Demonstrate essential leadership competencies, including delegating, decision-making, inspiring others, collaboration, and emotional intelligence
  • Build trusted strategic relationships through strengthened influencing and communication skills
  • Promote the value of themselves, their team, and their work to internal and external stakeholders
  • Step up with confidence to their next leadership role in the organization

program options


Participants may attend open cohorts, where they learn along with other mid-level IT leaders from a variety of organizations, industries, and backgrounds, or they may choose to join specific peer cohorts.

Private options are also available for groups of leaders within a single organization.

While the audience varies with different options, program content and learning outcomes are the same across all.

Participants are typically at the manager or director level and have at least 5-6 years of experience.


Open to all mid-level IT leaders across industries, organizations, and locations


For groups of mid-level IT leaders within a single organization or group

the healthcare techlx

For mid-level IT leaders working in healthcare who want to build a network and share experiences with others in the industry

The TechLX for Women

For women working in mid-level IT leadership roles who want to build a network of other women navigating similar challenges

program journey

The TechLX Experience

An integrated learning experience that meets the development needs of all learners:

  • Self-assessment
  • Development workshops
  • Peer learning and problem-solving
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Leadership connections and speaker events

Designed to minimize time away from work and maximize results:

  • A 9-month journey that blends formal learning with real-world practice and application
  • Program requirements take an average of 1-3 hours per week
  • Learning flow is designed to maximize personal insight, retention of skills and concepts, and long-term impact

Leadership Development Workshops

  • Leading in a Technology Organization
  • IT Consulting Skills – Becoming a Trusted Advisor
  • Marketing a Technology Organization

Peer Connections

  • Build trusted relationships and grow your network
  • Benefit from peer learning and collaboration, shared experiences, and best practices
  • Develop your personal leadership brand

One-On-One Mentoring

  • Participate in 1:1 mentoring sessions with experienced technology leaders
  • Gain real-world advice, encouragement, feedback, and accountability
  • Evaluate and set goals for both personal and professional development

Capstone Project

  • Build a real-world marketing plan in collaboration with your leadership team
  • Practice your influencing skills, creating a value statement, and communicating a vision
  • Deliver tangible value to your organization and build awareness of the technology organization’s business relevance and impact


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