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IT Skill Builder

Connecting Your Talent and Leadership Development Strategies

ITSB + The TechLX

Benefits for Managers

  • Use a coaching framework to align and coach towards goals. Managers have the opportunity to provide feedback to their direct reports and receive valuable data in the form of a coaching framework that they can use to align with the person on skill definitions/behaviors and coach towards goals.
  • Gain actionable insights. When used with their team, ITSB provides valuable data from the heat map and gap report will provide actionable insights for developing their team.
  • Uncover hidden strengths. ITSB can reveal skills and competencies in their direct reports that they might not be aware of:
  • Grow personal leadership. Managers can view their direct reports’ career journeys and take advantage of building their own.
  • Raise personal profile. Managers who develop leaders within their own teams stand out as leaders in their organizations.
  • Retain talent. By investing in the development of their direct reports, managers will be able to both grow and retain top talent.

IT Skill Builder + The TechLX = Benefits: