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Thank you for becoming a mentor of the Technology Leadership Experience (TechLX)! 

The goal of TechLX mentoring is to allow up-and-coming IT leaders to connect with experienced IT leaders like you, with a focus on building their professional networks and growing their leadership skills.

As you likely know from your own experience, the time you invest with your mentee will also benefit you in numerous ways, including expanding your network, offering you valuable outside perspectives, and giving you the opportunity to reflect on your own success and career. 

Thank you in advance for your commitment to meeting with your mentee a minimum of three times (about an hour each meeting) over the nine month period.

Tell us (and the mentees) about yourself.

Please complete the form below. The information and insights you share will help ensure a successful mentor-mentee match. We will compile a mentor profile booklet for the mentees so that they may choose a mentor who best matches their career path, goals, and interests.