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The Virtual TechLX

About the Virtual TechLX

The virtual TechLX offers the same dynamic workshops, peer sharing and learning, 1:1 mentoring, transformational experience and outcomes of an in-person cohort.

In a highly engaging and interactive virtual learning environment, participants will join IT colleagues from organizations across the country in a cohort of 25-30 people, guided by the expert facilitation and support of facilitators with decades of IT training experience.

    Unique Benefits of Virtual

    • Inclusive and flexible: Available regardless of location or travel constraints and for participants in areas where there aren’t enough people to fill up a local cohort.
    • Expanded networks: Potential to broaden participant connections to a full region instead of a single local area or city.
    • Optimized learning environment: Short, modular learning format allows for increased processing time and practical skill application between sessions for improved knowledge retention and sustained results.
    • Cost effective: Eliminates travel time and expenses.